Rusmedia agency was created in 1994, working in parallel until 2005 with PR department of Rostinterfest , which is one of the leading promotional and producer agencies in Russia.

'Public Relations' as a profession has made rapid progress. The major public sector and private organizations today have recognized the importance of Public relations as a management function. Especially in a competitive environment, PR has a responsible role to play. The public opinion, social responsibilities of public relations, multimedia, PR campaigns, problem analysis, message formulation, budgeting, assessment of results - all these are various aspects of Public Relations. To help keep pace with the changing scenario, RUSMEDIA has emerged as a competent public relations agency, backed by professionalism and expertise. It offers a wide range of services.

It promotes the company’s image, arranges exhibitions and multi-media presentations, conducts market research and provides necessary feedback, conducts Road shows and similar campaigns.PR Solution has a team of highly competent, professionals with years of experience in the field of Public Relations. It involves good performance communicated effectively through relationship-building initiatives and consistent messages to key audiences.

RUSMEDIA helps you to shape your messages into something that would appeal to a media or to a journalist and something that they can make a 'good story' out of.

RUSMEDIA drives your PR message through the clutter while being sensitive to complex client requirements and technical details. In brief, PR Solution helps you choose the right worm. We use print, TV and online communication solutions. Our staff of experienced Public Relations professionals provide clients with brand, product and store marketing support through media relations, exibitions, seminars, trade show support, issues management and speech writing. We propose as well such effective branding and promotion solutions as Social Media Marketing, Special Events and viral marketing.

Russian national agency of international festivals, established in 1993 by the Ministry of Culture of Russia and a number of production companies, is now a member of the World Federation of Festival Organizations at Music Council of UNESCO. During the years of creative activity RosInterFest has conducted over 1,000 cultural events.
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