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Creating a Public Image

We make to talk about your company and brand

Rusmedia promotes the company’s image, arranges exhibitions and multi-media presentations, conducts market research and provides necessary feedback, conducts Road shows and similar campaigns. Rusmedia has a team of highly competent, professionals with years of experience in the field of Public Relations.

Wide experience

We treat our customers with special attention, working as a boutique

Rusmedia - creative PR agency, the part of an international group of companies. Our team of professionals works with the tasks of any complexity, any budget, always archieving success. Responses to our press releases appear in Russia, CIS and Europe, and our events were covered by leading TV channels and broadcast media. The huge chain of our media partners allow to cover media not only throughout Russia and the CIS, but in Europe, Central, North and South America.

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We believe our client relationships are our biggest asset and, therefore, our top priority.

Whether online, in print or in person, RusMedia focuses on delivering the right messages to the right audiences at the right time.

  • Right messages. Getting inside what audiences want or need to hear is key to any communications initiative. We use a variety of tactics to ensure that our messages speak to the heart of the issues, from primary research to understand awareness and opinions, to secondary research to identify competitive differentiators and the current news environments. The result is a more targeted and refined campaign.
  • Right audiences. Targeting the right people is essential because all audiences are not created equal. We know how to identify the most influential individuals and groups within a target audience to ensure we are reaching those members most likely to become brand ambassadors who can help tell your story and win over new fans.
  • Right time.Knowing when to communicate can be just as important as knowing what to say. Whether determining the best timing to announce important news, or identifying when you’ve over-saturated the marketplace with a message, we look strategically at the timing of all of our tactics to maximize impact and results.
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